Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas

It is ready! The 4th of our set of inspirational bathrooms that we picked from around the world. Take a look at these spectacular bathrooms. You will love them!

Bringing more and more green into the bathroom definitely seems to be a trend these days:

Designe by Evan Mandala

Or if you are unable to bring the green ‘in’ how about taking the tub out?

by Kim Stapleton

Anyway, it seems inviting to soak yourself in a tub while watching the greenery outside…

by Piotr Czech

by Bora

Åžemsa-Bilge is an architectural designer from Turkey. Her eye for colour and the overall vibrancy in design has led to her work getting featured here more than once. Here are two outstanding bathroom designs from her collection:

Here is a bathroom by Wily Gufron

Another couple from Ukrainian designer Masha. (Check out the lighting on them)

A touch of the Oriental from Guste Wastubali

And we wind up with a bathroom that has a very unique colour scheme:

by Serdal Ertas. He is a 3D Modeller from Turkey. Check his stuff out.

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Additionally, we also compiled some of our other favorite bathrooms into a youtube video: Bathroom Designs. You can also watch it here:

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