Japanese Kitchen Design

Japanese Kitchen Design

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How do you tell if a particular kitchen is Japanese or not? Hmm… when you have robots to watch over what you cook and have trendy cartoons adorning the wall, you KNOW it’s Japanese.

The above images are of the 2 freshly released ones from the Core line of kitchens from Japanese kitchen maker Toyo Kitchens.

The core concept is based on ‘Living in the kitchen’ and it brings togethor the concept of cooking eating and relaxing togethor in the kitchen.The design image was inspired by Laputa, the flying island in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift and the movie Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki.

And it’s not just robots and cartoons actually. Tokyo Kitchens have other outstanding kitchens in their lineup. Check out images below.

All the kitchens shown above fall in the modern category. Not all Japanese kitchens follow the same style. Infact, in Japan, where land is very expensive and plots too small flexible and multipurpose rooms are only too common. Take a look at the one below which incorporates a bedroom and study too!

Traditional Japanese kitchens are designed to occupy minimal space.

The last four images are courtesy of the Newyork Times.

So now you have seen the Japanese style of kitchens. So how about some French Country Kitchens now?

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Watch the video: Brand New Japanese House Tour (June 2022).


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