Twitter Office Interiors

Twitter Office Interiors

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UPDATE: Twitter has moved to a new office now. Here is the post covering the New Twitter Office.

Office interiors can provide excellent inspiration for designing workplaces at home and if you have been a long time follower of Home-Designing you will remember we have featured some really creative offices now and again.

This time we take a look inside the headquarters of one of the hottest emerging tech companies – Twitter. The growth of this company has been phenomenal in the last few months while the joining of some bigcelebrities certainly helped.

The interiors are predominantly white with the lounge decorated in purple, green and wood. Macs seem to be the machine of choice and it is nice to see all those plants inside. Classic twitter backgrounds and graphics adorn the walls and occasional funny quotes bring in some twitter humour. Take a look at the snaps below:

The above 7 photos are courtesy of Caroline

Photo by Andrew Mager

Photo by Craig Kohtz

Photo by Pimporn Panday

Photo by Caroline

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Watch the video: Twitter Office Interior Designs (August 2022).