Craft Room Home Studio Ideas

Craft Room  Home Studio Ideas

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Craft rooms and home studios are usually busy places buzzing with activity. These are the home offices of creative people whose spaces often reveal so much about themselves. In this post we limit the images to those that feature rooms that are not too high tech. No cool computer setups, ergonomic workstations or geeky decor in them; just plain old school creative rooms!

Sewing Room by Courtney Burge

Sewing Room by Tofu Studio

Traditional Craft Room by Tiffany

by Nest Pretty Things


by Anita

by Jo Hannah

Stamp Room by Fran Sabad

Fabric Studio Room by Heather Bailey

Craft Room by Benita

Craft Studio

Art and Craft Workplace by Camilla Engman

Creative Workplace from PotteryBarn

Sewing Room by Cindy

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