Living Room TV Setups

Living Room TV Setups

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For many homes, the living rooms also double up as entertainment centers. The overall entertainement experience you get from these depend a whole lot on the placement of your TV and speakers. We feature in this post a few excellent tv room setups we found in this rather interesting Swedish forum.

It is not uncommon to use wallpapers for the wall owhere you mount your flat screen TV. Modern day TVs are capable of producing interesting lighting patterns.

Displays of art and crafts, the right drapes or even chandeliers can add a great touch to the room. Sometimes, curios in the living room can be excellent conversation starters. (Can’t say the Darth Vader one is too subtle though! ).

Here is an arrangement that show a TV setup for a kids’ room.

Does your entry and foyer need some style boost? Check out our post on foyer decorating ideas.

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Watch the video: Modern Tech Budget Living Room Setup Tour! 2019 (June 2022).


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