Awesome Mac Workplaces

Awesome Mac Workplaces

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Okay here is some trivia : Who is Jonathan Ive?

Well, you may not have heard of his name, but it is highly unlikely for you to have not come across his creations. He is the Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple. Renowned as one of the best product designers on the planet with one heck of a portfolio that includes the iMac, PowerBook G4, MacBook, unibody MacBook Pro, iPod and iPhone, Ive designs almost exclusively for Apple. In fact, the only instance of him recently working out of Apple is when he offered help to Pixar Studios in designing the female robot character Eve in the movie Wall-E. Even then, the word is that Mr. Jobs was not too keen on leasing out his design overlord to a company that is actually quite close to Apple.

That is enough trivia about the Mac and its creators, now let’s take a look at some work space environments made beautiful by these machines. If you come across any awesome Mac workplace that you think need to be featured here, please mention them in the comments. Also we run a steady stream of cool posts like this at Home Designing and if you like to be notified when we have more such inspiring posts, please subscribe to our feed or newsletter!

by Stijn Annendijck

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by bluepics

Check out Jensen‘s wing desk setup!

by Cold Eskimo

by Hulsta

by Jonathan Smith

m2j2‘s Setup(Before)

m2j2‘s Setup(After)

by Shutterblog

Mammoth multi monitor Mac display at Google’s office (Photo by Todd Dailey)

To end with, a time lapse video on how a Mac World cover is made: On a Mac.

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