Cute Calender Designs for 2010

Cute Calender Designs for 2010

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Update: Do check out our updated list of Unique Desk Wall Calendars.

It was Holly from Decor8 who gave us inspiration for compiling this post on calendars. With 2010 lurking around the corner, everyone is gearing up to welcoming it with open arms! We decided to contribute to the festivities and consequently featured these calendar designs that could find their way up to your workplace.

With clean, fresh and feminine designs that would rejuvenate the space, you could add a few more accessories to create a 2010 theme corner in your room. Or you could simply hang them up on the walls! Either way, they would look great and enhance the aesthetics.

Take a look below.

Idea by MalienOO

Idea by ModernPop.

Idea by Catherine Campbell

Idea by Mia

Idea by Onceuponapaper

Idea by JooJoo shop.

Idea by Steve Tonya

Idea by Marisa Haedike

Idea by Gallardoworks

Idea by Outi

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