Spectacular Getaway Villa in the Caribbean

Spectacular Getaway Villa in the Caribbean

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If you are in Caribbean, looking for a swish and serene place, come to Casa Kimbal. These lifestyle villas are designed by a New York based architecture firm, Rangr Studio. The design is super-grand, with ocean front landscape and coco palms and pristine sands surrounding the villa.

If wishes could be horses, my residential address would have been Casa Kimball! Imagine having a luxury estate that boasts of a 156ft/47mt long swimming pool with seating platforms and volleyball, superb air conditioned accommodations for up to 20 adults/kids, a personal chef, full stocked bars, a billiards table, massive plasma TV with a collection of DVD to choose from, a hot tub hanging from a cliff, wireless internet, badminton court and much more all to myself?!!

Take a look at the pictures below and I bet you won’t stop drooling. If you could splurge $2000 the paradise could be all yours for an entire day a night! And if you are tempted, then be prepared to splurge $2000 for a night!

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