50 Luxury Oases that could tempt you into early retirement

50 Luxury Oases that could tempt you into early retirement

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you. What you are about to witness here today may cause arguably favorable reactions. These side effects may include your heart skipping a beat or two, tingling sensations down your back, and the release of your mind into a permanent state of euphoria. Some people may experience their faces turning green with envy, which may be brought on by a sudden urge to quit your job. We at HD advise against it, and are not responsible for any early retirement inspired by these ridiculously STUNNING hilltop havens of architectural bliss.

For maximum effect, take a step back from your screens, grab a cocktail and get comfortable…

(The above image and the 44 that follow are from SAOTA, a South African architectural firm, which possesses one of the best luxury architecture portfolios we have ever come across)

A seamless pool accentuates the view from the gorgeous villa below. Photo by Richard Powers.

A massive deck in California frames the horizon from the poolside. Designed by Bittoni

Previously, we did an article on a home with amazing ocean views in Kerala. How relaxing would it be to luxuriate with the horizons from this delightful retreat. Could they be neighbors?

Gorgeous oasis in Sri Panwa Villa, Thailand…via

Surrounded by the sounds and sites of Jungle Life. A Panchoran Retreat in Bali.

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Watch the video: How to retire early. by age 50. retire in 15 years! (June 2022).


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