Super Thin Apartment in Tokyo

Super Thin Apartment in Tokyo

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This Japanese architectural firm did wonders for the views of this single family home in the outskirts of Tokyo’s metropolis. Now the exterior of this home may look like a flat screen television on steroids but the intent was to set the house back from being too close to the street on its very small property. So what they decided to do was tilt the facade of the home 63 degrees which allowed for a completely different perspective of the street but also minimized the interior space of the home as well.

The entirely concrete building is a minimalist’s paradise inside and out. And the facade provides the only natural light that shines into the home. We only hope it’s this empty because it has yet to be occupied by tenants. Although by now we must be aware that the Japanese lifestyle is one based on minimal simplicity and self-reflection. And while this super narrow apartment may look absurdly small to the rest of the world, it may not be that odd for what renters are used to in Japan. Talk about your ‘out of the box’ thinking…the Cherry Blossom is indeed a nice touch!

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