Pixars Office Interiors

Pixars Office Interiors

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Have you ever wondered what the interiors of the headquarters of one of the most prominent animation studios in the U.S. looks like? More importantly, what would it be like to work for a company like Pixar? We take you through their office interiors and try to imagine what a typical workday would look like from a Pixar employees perspective...

[Images via Nathan and Katie’s fabulous Eight Hour Day Studio Blog and Krabjiem]

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It’s a beautiful morning and as I’m driving in to the studio for my amazing animation job, I am met by a huge arch that reads, Pixar Studios…

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After I park, I walk through a lush courtyard and grounds…

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where I am greeted by the famous lamp and ball from Luxo Jr, Pixar’s first film.

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Until I reach the front of the modern, glass building entrance…

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I enter the modern entrance hallway.

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And am greeted by some animated friends.

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And then some human ones at reception.

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I walk a bridge that leads to my cubicle.

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From atop the bridge, I can see the main hallway below.

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I reach my rather non-traditional “cubicle,” which is really a small hut I do all my work in.

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A little later in the day, I either relax in the cozy common area.

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Or hang out with other employees here.

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I can also play some ping pong in the game room.

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Or table soccer…or some video games…

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I also take a breather by taking in some of the artwork on all of the walls.

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