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Some people prefer to learn the time on a vintage grandfather clock that resonates through a tile corridor. Others like the chime of their rare tabletop Philippe Patek. Then, of course, theres the old standby of the large wall clock. No matter what our time-telling preference, we do not expect to exact significant effort to see that its 4:20. These designed watches, however, make complications on a true watch-o-philess wrist seem. They certainly reveal a preference among designers to eschew the relationship between form and function. They are about as easy to read as a 19th century marine chronometer. Beauty has its place in clocks, but who wants to read an instruction manual or watch a Youtube video about how to read a clock?

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Perhaps it’s easier to admit the passage of time if a clock bears what appears to be metal lace over its face.

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This retro watch still bears something that’s a little flash forward. its gentle gradation of color delights the eye as the minimal indicators of time intrigue the mind.

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The subtlety of this clock adds to its appeal. Whose eyes would linger on the magnification of the numbers as time passes?

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This will clock turns 24-hour military time into something whimsical and artful. Its dimensionalism further adds to its attractive design.

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Telling time inherently requires a bit of mathematical knowledge. In this case, however, it might take thrice as long to determine the hour if reading the scroll-like domino structure. It might therefore be akin to reading Japanese scrolls.

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One should wonder about a clock’s effectiveness– or at least about the designer’s sense of relationship between form and function– if it comes with instructive photos.

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Time in this clock reveals itself as gracefully and beautifully as a Chinese coquette behind her fan.

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Clock developed by Anna Marinenko as a tribute to Japan.

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Color wheels not only give the time but also an aesthetic means of diversion. Is it synesthesia if you start thinking of numbers in terms of colors?

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We could describe it as minimalism in chronometers.

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