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Urban gardens have become a growing trend in New York City and other metropolises worldwide, triggered by various reasons, from the advanced mans desire to get back in touch with nature to an effort to alleviate the planets environmental disintegration to an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle by growing ones own vegetables and fruits. We have covered urban gardens and garden statues in other posts, but this time we were so impressed by the landscaping designs of Rees Roberts + Partners LLC , we could not resist revisiting the topic and sharing the following images with our audience.

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Rees designs both interiors and landscapes and this small backyard of a townhouse overflowing with greenery is but one testament to their modern, simple yet stunning and functional style. They have maximized a small space by covering most of the walls with ivy, planting trees on the sides, and even adding green touches to the outdoor furniture. The result is a small backyard oasis of a townhouse in the city.

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This captivating rooftop garden is an ideal design for apartments/townhouses with balconies or generous rooftop space. The glass panels offer safety, but do not obscure the amazing cityscape. The simple design allows the view to speak for itself and the option of having a smaller, indoor space with a glass paneled window, also is very practical. The owners and their guests can then enjoy the view from their roof at all times of the year.

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Here, we get a taste of the ultra-modern in a NYC apartment backyard. The glass paneled doors, offer an unobstructed view of the small backyard, so it offers a design element to the room even if one is simply sitting in the living area. Sitting in the modern outdoor chairs provides a similar effect, communal with the indoors.

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A similar phenomenon happens in this room. This is a living area on the second floor, yet the backyard still manages to make its way in and influence the design and general feeling of the space because of the trees scaling the stone walls.

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The pool table is placed vertically, leading to the entrance to the outdoor garden. It helps to define the space as one of entertainment, recreation, and relaxation.

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This rooftop is reminiscent of a palace garden, with large stone plant pots and perfectly manicured shrubbery.

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Your own small, private oasis in the middle of the city. The shrubbery allows for a clear definition of the garden space, a little more privacy and protection, and almost creates the illusion that the garden is not located on a roof at all.

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A courtyard sitting area, is positioned halfway between the indoors and outdoors, offering loungers a little bit of both worlds. If it is raining, the lounger can relax in this room, listen to the rain patter outside, and feel the breeze sweeping in, but still keep dry and comfortable.

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With a rooftop garden like this, loungers can feel a part of the city and a part of nature at the same time. They are literally surrounded by buildings and plants.

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Another thing you may considering doing with a rooftop garden, is adding high shrubbery to ensure more privacy in a certain nook or space of the roof.

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This courtyard has a marble tiled floor and thin trees popping out from them. It is another interesting way to incorporate the idea of melding the indoor and outdoor world together to create a more comfortable, homey garden environment.

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An important design element of these townhouses is that the windows at the back of them are very large and open up to the backyard. This allows the backyard to appear from inside the house and influence the design of the rooms inside.

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