Living Rooms Show Range of Modernist to Traditional

Living Rooms Show Range of Modernist to Traditional

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This series of photos reveals a variety of trends in living room interiors and architecture as interpreted by a sampling of young designers.

  • 1 |
By DeutscherHerbst
Dark hues and cool textures help create an urban oasis, especially with the Luis Barragan staircase.

  • 3 |
By Hong Phi Le
Understated decor and a modest size actually serves as homage to this living room’s cosmopolitan context.

  • 5 |
By Diego Reales
Rectilinear décor in earthy tones simplifies this living room, while natural sunlight gives the otherwise neutral tones buoyancy.

  • 6 |
By Avalokitesvera
All elements seem to follow the same pattern as the architecture, yet the color scheme is unique.

  • 7 |
By Ewa Kokot-Skrobek
Attention to the lighting scheme blend with careful décor and efficient space use in this space.

  • 8 |
By Olcay Saymar
A contemporary traditional room benefits from thoroughly deliberated interior architecture, from floor to ceiling, and is accentuated and lightened by natural daylighting.

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  • 9 |
By Edouard Kachaami
Juxtapositional colors grant dimension in this great room plan while airiness abounds to grant levity.

  • 10 |
By Emra Hozer
An Art Moderne great room with contrasting color schemes has strong dimension.

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