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Being the huge bookworm and dork that I am, I was eager to work on this post on modern libraries put together by our editors. Ever since I have dreamed of owning a place of my own, I have also dreamed of my own library room, complete with ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall, dark cherry-wood bookshelves. The books located on the highest shelves would absolutely require a stepladder and the room would be decorated with dark-colored, leather furniture, luxurious Persian rugs, and a large floor reading lamp. I would dream about spending most of my leisure time in the library, reading through old copies of Wuthering Heights, or scaling the shelves for a new read. Yes, libraries are inspirational places in themselves for me, which is why I also found the following images useful and inspiring. If you are like me, and are dreaming of your own library, or already have one and need ideas for decorating, you will love the following ideas, all entries by contestants for a rendering contest organized by Evermotion in 2010!

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