Super Stylish Living Rooms

Super Stylish Living Rooms

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We are back again with a fresh set of beautiful, groovy living rooms for your viewing pleasure. So, whether you are into the beachy, nautical look or you are more inspired by Japanese interior decor, there is just about something for everyone in this set.

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  • 1 |
This modern, white all-marble living room suggests color-blocking with the pops of purple and yellow.

  • 2 |
This minimally furnished space draws more attention to the adjacent balcony and the streamlined shelves.

  • 3 |
I enjoy the tiled walls and floors of this cream-colored living room. The shag rug and funky furniture and lighting add a 70’s vibe.

  • 4 |
This dark brown wood paneled living room is a super bachelor pad. Bonus: BMW and bicycle parking!

  • 5 |
This minimalistic room with neutral, modern furniture offers a few pops of color in wall art and a chair. The door of the attached outdoor courtyarrd is glass, which allows more light and color into the room.

  • 6 |
Modern Japanese-style living room offers low furniture, a Japanese-style ceiling and metal wall art, along with bonsai tree accessories.

  • 7 |
These living room walls are made of wood paneling which also give off a 70’s vibe but the gold details make it a bit more upscale.

  • 8 |
This living room is bold and sharp, with black and white shades, but dainty touches such as the green curtains, the wall decorations, and etc.

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  • 9 |
This edgy black and white living room with graphic prints on the wall and pillows, is quite trendy and elegant.

  • 10 |
This modern living room combines white and red, with a modern vibe and angled high ceilings with recessed lighting. It is simple yet dramatic.

  • 11 |
This is a blue and white, nautical, beach-house living room complete with striped rug, comfortable white furniture, and beachy wall art.

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