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Creative Workspaces

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These days more and more people find themselves working from home, which calls for studies and makeshift design studios in our houses; whether you have a study cum bedroom, a dedicated spare room office, or your own computer clad corner of the living room, we hope you will find inspiration in these creative workspaces.

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Image by Annkos

To achieve your perfect zone of concentration and creativity, storage is key; get those files up out of the way on shelving to free up maximum desk space for your tasks and necessary gadgetry. Keep notes and clippings in a uniform collection of chic magazine files, not only will it organize your research but looks good too. Use attractive baskets to stash away supplies, your home shouldn’t look as stiff and clinical as a standard workplace; try using rich wood grains to warm the look, and add friendly artwork. You can also soften your space with plush rugs and by situating a comfy corner chair for when it’s time for an all-important tea break!

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Even the smallest spaces can be utilized with a custom fitted worktop and wall mounted bookcase, a little clever planning can go a long way!

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Colorful wall treatments will keep you energized.

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