Contemporary Architecture and Interiors, by Xoio

Contemporary Architecture and Interiors, by Xoio

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Take a look at this curvy contemporary architecture and stunning modern interiors, designed by the team at Berlin based company Xoio, a professional supplier on the German market for creative 3D images and animations. We have put together a small sample of images from their portfolio.

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This stunning piece of modern architecture takes on a space age look, with huge windows that follow the curve of the walls, giving the building a thin picture frame edge.

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A large sun deck protrudes forward like the bow of a ship, making you feel as though you are on a holiday cruise.

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This contemporary music room looks out of dual aspect curved windows, upon an abundance of nature; simply breathtaking.

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A colorful modern living space scattered with fun elements and splashes of vibrant color.

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A large white office space is given a warm homely feel with a deep shag pile carpet underfoot.

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A nature inspired master bedroom, complete with mossy headboard and leafy fireplace surround. The soft natural elements are offset by an impressive block structure that surrounds the head of the bed, extruding to form two bedside units, accessorized with contemporary typographical rug and modern chandelier.

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An industrial air is added to this modern living room with the exposure of a concrete wall, which stretches up two stories to a mezzanine level with glass balustrade. The wood of the TV stand and gold of the wall art add a touch of warmth.

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Formal living space with stunning garden views.

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Fun family space with retro styling.

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This bright white kitchen diner with access to a private sun patio has a homely feel, with friendly artwork and sweet shelf arrangements.

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A vast living room houses blue knitted furniture and coordinating modern art, and floor to ceiling bookshelves are filled with colorful entries. Circular rugs pick out two different seating areas on the large floor space, breaking the room into useful segments. An entire wall of glass looks out onto a garden view.

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A formal dining room takes on a Zen-like approach.

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Check out their showreel below:

Watch the video: Florida Architecture Design #87. Courtyard Contemporary by Affiniti Architects. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl (June 2022).


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