Apartment Awash with Walnut White

Apartment Awash with Walnut  White

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This chic white apartment interior, designed by Russian Architectural Bureau Alexandra Fedorova, is located in Welton Park, Moscow. Spanning 1,292 sq ft, the airy open layout is swathed in expanses of bright white walls, floors and furniture, cut only by the warmth of rich walnut wood tone.

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To continue the laid back luxurious style from floor to ceiling, the over dining table pendant light fixture is futuristic yet understated, visually interesting but not demanding of attention or causing distraction. The dining table itself blends in simply with its surroundings in a white on white setup.

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In the lounge area, a long low level sofa reflects the white run of kitchen base units in the background.

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The kitchen gadgets and accessories are kept completely hidden from sight, and the obligatory extractor is kept minimal and unimposing.

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The bathroom areas utilize floor to ceiling mirrors to maximize on the feeling of space, resulting in a light and open effect despite modest proportions. Neutral tiling helps promote a feeling of calm and relaxation in the simple spa-like décor.

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The sleeping area appears almost like one continuous, grand wooden headboard that drops from the ceiling and sweeps under the bed and across the floor.

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