A Beautifully Charming Country Hotel in France

A Beautifully Charming Country Hotel in France

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Nestled in the heart of the picturesque village of Brantôme, France, is the pretty hotel Moulin de lAbbaye, complete with bright blue window shutters, pink flora and a blanket in lush green ivy.

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Brantôme, known as the “Venice of the Périgord” because of it’s winding waterways, is a stunning spot where the 16th century masterpiece that is the quirky right-angled stone bridge known as Pont Coudé links the ancient abbey with the monastery garden as well as the medieval tower, the Renaissance pavilion and the abbey itself.

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A riverside terrace shaded by mature trees houses a restaurant for the hotel guests and passing diners, providing the opportunity to while away the hours by the babbling River Dronne, where an old water wheel rolls lazily around.

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By night the bridge lights shimmer over the waters surface, creating a romantic atmosphere.

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Steeped in history, this charming place is ideal for a deeply relaxing getaway, where the rooms and common areas are decorated with a homey country feel, full of traditional checkered fabric, rattan seating and white washed woodwork.

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Each suite has an individual scheme suited to the space, creating a quaint mix of interior design throughout, though all with a distinctly traditional air.

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