Terrific Terrariums Tiny Cacti

Terrific Terrariums  Tiny Cacti

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We were just taking a casual stroll through the West Elm website when we stumbled across these beautiful terrariums that got our green fingers itching like they havent itched since we discovered Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping Inspiration. These little beauties are perfect for those of us who dont have the luxury of a large garden to tend to, or for those of us who just love to bring the outdoors inside.

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Try combining your mini plant life with your other houseplants for an interesting play on scale.

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Even the earth itself forms part of the design of a glass terrarium, and a layered look can be created with different colors.

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Dinky plant arrangements in shiny glass vessels have a cute sort of magic about them, like part of the earth has been shrunken down especially to fit neatly on your shelf.

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Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, and they look great when grouped together in abundance.

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Hanging terrariums are amazing space savers, and we love the way they catch the light too. Try hanging a sequence of different vessels over a desk or dining table, or in front of a window for an extraordinary focal feature.

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The simplest arrangements can be packed with interest too, like this selection of mini cacti, along with a few succulents thrown in to balance out the prickles!

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Watch this video for tips on the indoor arrangement of terrariums and plants:

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