A Tiny Taiwanese Apartment

A Tiny Taiwanese Apartment

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This Tai apartment design, by WCH Interior, is extremely chic and uncluttered despite its small scale; using a cohesive color palette throughout, and unobtrusive storage designs, the dwelling manages to maintain a light and airy appearance.

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Opposite a muted gray sofa, an entertainment wall holds a flat screen TV in front of sleek wood paneling; storage cubbies for other paraphernalia such as DVD players, games consoles and accessories are built in.

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Adjacent to the sofa stands a bespoke set of storage units, colored white and kept handleless so as to blend in with the wall. This bank of units offers concealed storage, a display shelf for much loved items, and a suspended worktop that could be used for both study or dining purposes.

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A pendant light illuminates the home office/eating area.

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The contemporary gray sofa butts up against the bed, which has been upholstered in matching fabric to create a streamlined and uncluttered appearance.

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Here we see that the column on which the TV is mounted can be moved along the entertainment wall to allow the option of watching TV from the bed as well as the living area.

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More wood paneling along the far wall slides away to reveal a hidden bathroom.

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