Stunning Modern Family Residence in Thiva, Greece

Stunning Modern Family Residence in Thiva, Greece

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Situated on the outskirts of  Thiva, Greece, this single story residence with basement was built for a family of four by Takis Exarchopoulos Architects. Accessible by a single, countryside road, one of the homes most attractive characteristics is its panoramic views of the surrounding farmland and woodlands. The architect created a U-shape design by connecting parallel-piped volumes to semi-enclose and highlight an interior courtyard with outdoor living space. The homes exterior blends nicely with the surrounding natural elements with its white board planking and stone cladding.

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The main living area is open and airy with kitchen opening into dining room into living space.

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The home features a single story on top of a basement accessed off of the main passageway.

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The home’s interior incorporates many natural elements, textures and earthy tones but still feels minimalist.

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A luxuriously large swimming pool expands from just outside the home outwards.

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The exterior facade is made from white washed planking and stone.

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Windows are used to bring the panoramic farmland and wildlands into the home.

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The home was built in a U-shape to enclose a central courtyard accessible from each of the three wings.

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