Contemporary Classic Home

Contemporary Classic Home

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This exquisite home interior, created by designer Raymond Chen for IS design, displays traditional elegance in chic high end materials, which cover more than a dozen kinds of natural stone, and a collection of textures and colors that dapple the rooms with unique taste and style.

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The design concept for this home was in fact driven by the flexible mix of elements, including a variety of natural stone, ebony veneer, wood painting, imported leather, imported Italian tiles, gray and tea mirror, in order to show contrast between the extraordinary and the delicate. Local dotted gray mirror and tea mirror reflects high construction elements, luxury leather and expensive fabrics, drawing the scheme together in a luxury classic demonstration.

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To take advantage of the dual level proportions of the lounge, a romantic wrought iron balcony overlooks the living area from the second floor.

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Sparkling chandeliers are a key element of this sophisticated look.

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The master bedroom is a sumptuous scheme full of rich hues and plush comfort.

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Decoratively edged high shine floors guide a glossy trail through the home, resulting in a seamless and expensive look, and provides a clean backdrop over which the soft artistic essence of contemporary fashion trends can converge.

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