Wonderful Home Workspaces

Wonderful Home Workspaces

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As home offices are so much in demand, we thought it was about time we offered up another little lot of workplaces that really work! Have a scroll through these stylish studies on your coffee break, and plan out your next design strategy...

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By Ikea
This home study space really understands the importance of great storage space. Plenty of shelves keeps everything at hand for quick access, whilst concealed compartments hide away the less organized bits and pieces.

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Via Sharben 3D
Here’s one to really make you feel like the boss, even if you’ve got no employees around to call in and perch opposite you whilst you lay down the law, you could always day dream about it!

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Via Pressenter Design
A mezzanine end space provides an ideal area to squeeze in a corporate cubby.

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One of the many advantages of a home based work place is that you can create a surrounding that is as colorful and as cozy as you like, so be bold will your wall coverings and paint swatches and make yourself an inviting place to get down to work.

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Above 2 via Andrey Goncharov
This retro styling brings oodles of fun and individuality, try visiting second hand shops and flea markets to source pieces of furniture that you wouldn’t find on the high street, you might bag yourself a bargain too.

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