Clock Tower Triplex Apartment in New York

Clock Tower Triplex Apartment in New York

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Brooklyns iconic Clock Tower penthouse is currently for sale and by far the most expensive in the borough at $18 million. For their money potential buyers would, of course, expect 360-degree views of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York City. What may come as a surprise however, is the unique way in which the views are framed by working clock faces that grace its four exterior walls. Segmented snapshots of the worlds most recognizable city can be seen between the bold roman numerals, adding dramatic contrast to the white interior. In an effort to capitalize on the incredible views and ensure an even dispersal of natural light, the incorporation of additional glazing has been generous. Fundamentally open plan, the internal living space benefits from both natural light and that reflected by the high-shine finished kitchen. In keeping with an ambience of modern sophistication and in all likelihood, inspiration for the interior approach, the glass paneled steel elevator and staircase than span three levels, dominate the greater space and convey the impression of the inner machinations of a luxury timepiece.

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