Neutral Contemporary Apartment by W.C.H Design Studio

Neutral Contemporary Apartment by W.C.H Design Studio

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Taiwanese-based  W.C.H. Studio, designs art and interiors with a modern and contemporary flair. Many of their creations are light-filled, neutral spaces with comfortably inviting furnishings, unexpected architectural elements and built-ins used to fill otherwise under-utilized walls and spaces. The apartment we feature here represents their work beautifully. Visit for more similar contemporary spaces by this talented design studio.

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A low profile media center stretching across the wall in the living space can be seen here.

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Wood slats are fitted on the ceiling in for added texture and interest.

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The dining area flows nicely into the living space without feeling cramped or overcrowded.

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Large glass doors provide ample natural light while the interior neutral walls, ceilings and floors reflect it around the space.

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The living space is fitted with an inviting contemporary sofa with a dramatic modern art mosaic hanging above.

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A built in cabinet, fitted with backlights and a marble counter, adds elegance to the space between kitchen and living area.

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This view of the apartment shows the dining space in the foreground with a glimpse of the bedrooms beyond.

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The master bedroom is fitted with a softly curving wall that adds a fluidity and interest to the otherwise unassuming appeal of the decor.

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The hallway creates a smooth organic transition between the bedrooms and bathroom.

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The second bedroom is decorated in soft greys and whites with dramatic touches of black.

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The minimally furnished and decorated master bedroom boasts a built in desk and vanity area. The designer used natural wood planks horizontally set for the headboard.

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Natural stone tile and marble slabs are used to create a bathroom that offers simple organic luxury.

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