Perfectly Planned Pied-á-Terre

Perfectly Planned Pied-á-Terre

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This 425 square foot ultimately urban overnighter by Specht Harpman is the result of an extensive transformation designed for the head of a family of reverse weekenders. Originally a modest brownstone in New York City, it is now an enviable abode planned to perfection so to maximize space and livability. Clever cantilevering creates an adequate bedchamber, the stairs of which house hidden storage and lead to a manicured turf roof, just big enough to lay down a picnic rug or a pair of beach towels to catch some summer rays.

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The resident is greeted by a compact corner kitchen. Down-lit and coated in a glossy white lacquer, it successfully conveys a modern yet simple aesthetic, which is particularly important in smaller spaces.

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Storage initiatives have been thoughtfully incorporated into the space- limited though it is- and in much the same way as the segmented white wall beneath the rich wooden staircase conceals an ample amount of storage, it sits atop a simple but functional bathroom that, with mirrored walls, appears larger. In addition to these more traditional methods of conserving space, cantilevering of the bedroom provides a mezzanine from which to survey the lower lounge and in turn, avail of the natural light created by its windows which, for this purpose, extend necessarily higher. The windows of the upper level filter further light: effectively creating a wall of glass with a door that opens out onto a slice of lawn.

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