Spectacular West Coast Penthouse in Vancouvers Aerie II

Spectacular West Coast Penthouse in Vancouvers Aerie II

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Vancouvers Cypress Mountain is home to eight exclusive penthouses with panoramic views of the city skyline, English Bay and Gulf Islands. This 4400 square foot residence features soaring 16 ceilings, walls of glass, and custom finishes and features throughout. The exterior and interior are highly complimentary to one another, with the penthouses inside rooms fitted with rich hardwood flooring, mill-paneled walls and natural stone. The bedroom space is filled with plentiful light and large open spaces from a multipurpose living room, massive master suite with bath, and gourmet kitchen with sun-filled eating area. Each of the main rooms open to a full terrace with fireplace and entertaining areas.

Watch the video: 4203 - 1408 Strathmore Mews, Vancouver - Luxurious Sub-Penthouse at West One! (June 2022).


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