Sunny Swedish Apartment

Sunny Swedish Apartment

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Many different elements are required when turning an apartment into a home. Lighting design can do wonders to make spaces feel more open and welcoming. Still, even the best lighting technology is no replacement for the splendor of natural sunlight. This Swedish apartment, currently for rent from Stockholm-based agency Alexander White, takes full advantage of its corner location to let sun stream in from every possible angle. The result is an apartment that is airy, friendly, and beautiful.

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Although most of the walls in the apartment are a shockingly clean white, the designer brings in many colorful elements that pop in the sun. This bright violet cabinet cannot be ignored, even as it is flanked by a deliciously worn leather chair/ottoman combination and a built-in fireplace.

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The kitchen and dining area bring the white theme to new heights with white tiled walls and greyish white marble countertops. A funky silvery light fixture is an interesting design focal point, even when its bulbs are unnecessary.

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Brass is another theme that runs through the apartment, with fixtures in the kitchen along with lamps in bedroom and shiny tchotchkes in the living area.

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The bedroom stays true with white walls, but brings softer neutrals in with beige curtains and a charcoal duvet. The fabric headboard completes a soft and comfortable look where anyone would be happy to rest.

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For a growing family who is not afraid of some stains, the children’s room is also replete with whites and blues, including practical built-in cabinetry for storage and gauzy, adorable curtains decorated with baby blue balloons.

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More brass fixtures in the hallway make it easy to see the impressive bookshelves and the doorless hall closet any time of day.

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The laundry room and second bathroom take a step away from the sun with dark slate walls and floor and stainless steel fixtures.The carefully chosen furnishings and timeless, eclectic design of this sunny Swedish apartment mean that no matter the weather, whoever lives here is bound to feel warm.

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