Nordic Kitchens

Nordic Kitchens

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It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where people turn in tums of comfort and where families gather throughout the day to eat, and more importantly to spend time together. Thats why a homes kitchen must be beautiful, comfortable, and above all functional. The kitchens in this post, from Norways Norema, each have their own unique personality, but every one could easily serve a welcoming place for any home.

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The exposed brick walls in this kitchen give it a decidedly industrial and unfinished feeling. However, the elements of the kitchen itself are clean and polished, from the gleaming stainless steel light fixture to the modern scandinavian chairs. The dining table is perfect for large meals and entertaining while the small bar overlooking the city makes for a cozy breakfast nook.

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The perfect kitchen doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. This small kitchenette is tucked away underneath a lofted living area, maximizing the square footage of the room. Utilizing the space both under and above the appliances means even this pocket kitchen has plenty of storage for the essentials.

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Here Norema manages to create a modern feeling in an aging and rustic home with a pot rack hanging from overhead beams and glass-front cabinetry so that the home chef can see whatever is inside.

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By using black and white as the color palette for this modern kitchen, the designers give it an instantly timeless feeling. An expansive island offers more surface area while appliances built into the wall keep the temperature reasonable, regardless of that old adage about heat and kitchens.

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A wraparound counter creates the feeling of a separate room in this otherwise open home. The white on white color theme takes full advantage of the large sunny windows, making everything feel bright, airy, and open.

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