Smooth Modern Home Designs by Vitaly Yurov

Smooth Modern Home Designs by Vitaly Yurov

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The greatest thing about these cool room visuals, by Ukrainian designer Vitaly Yurov, is that they are jam packed with detail that can be translated into homes of absolutely any scale. Linger a little over each one, and take out your mental notebook...

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A cooly classic living space; quietly serious in pallet but deliciously sumptuous in texture.

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The area hosts luxurious materials that wrap modern shapes, traditional-meets-contemporary wall coverings and home accessories reminiscent of world travel.

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The space creates an image of a sophistication and life experience-not a bad image to project to your house guests!

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This bedroom setup boasts a huge headboard feature wall, where concave tiles play with light and shade. The black gloss bed base flows seamlessly into the bedside cabinet, and is echoed by panels above the bedstead.

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Excess square footage allows a lounge area to be situated within the sleep space, great for lazy afternoon reading-or just for throwing the days clothes onto!

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An oversized circular rug interrupts the linear design of the scheme, creating a welcome relief from sharp edges.

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A ceiling mounted panel allows a large flatscreen TV to be mounted high above the bed so that there is no need to rise out of warm covers to watch breakfast TV or late night movies.

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This bedroom really shakes up it’s monochrome walls by introducing a multicolored bedspread and pillowcases-a great idea that anyone can utilize in their black, white or gray room.

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Of special interest in this room design is the randomly situated wall cabinets which give the storage wall a fun, lively look-as well a ruling out the need for lining up your cupboards when installing them!

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The quirky trio of chrome lights sing against the rich wood wall paneling in this one.

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Mint accents give a fresh look.

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Black outlines sharpen white furniture.

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Contemporary meets classic in this dining room setup, with traditionally upholstered chairs gathered under an unusual mirrored ceiling rose design, created by individual hexagonal tiles.

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