Homes Under 400 Square Feet: 5 Apartments That Squeeze Utility Out Of Every Square Inch

Homes Under 400 Square Feet: 5 Apartments That Squeeze Utility Out Of Every Square Inch

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While some designers may dream of decorating a massive mansion with an unlimited budget, that’s simply not the reality that most people live with, especially in urban environments. The homes highlighted in this post take a small space and make it useful as well as beautiful. The designs in this post come to us from SREDA interior. Have a look.

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This first apartment is only 23 square meters (247 square feet) but makes beautiful, simple use of its small space. Here in the living room, we see how a small loveseat sits perfectly into a living room nook.

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Storage is a necessity, no matter how much room you have. By using these adorable blue shutters to disguise shelving, the designer brings color into the space and helps the room to feel bigger.

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In the kitchen, a tiny table for two can fold up and out of the way when not in use.

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The combination of open shelving and hanging storage along the backsplash means plenty of space for kitchen accoutrements.

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This next home is just 30 square meters (322 square feet), but still manages to convey complete style.

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Rather than set up a bulky dining table, this small space uses a sunny and svelte breakfast bar design.

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In the living area, the use of clean, simple furnishings like this amazing leather chair and a coffee table on spindly chrome legs, makes the space feel very open.

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The kitchen uses natural wood and under sink storage to keep from feeling cluttered.

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Moving on to the next apartment, we have this 33 square meter (355 square feet) home that feels truly spacious.

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Many of these homes utilize sofas that may be smaller than a typical suburban sectional, but still offer comfortable seating. This blue velvet loveseat is oh-so-inviting tucked perfectly between two beautiful custom hutches.

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A round mirror over the mantle creates the illusion of space without overpowering the other design elements.

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A narrow hall table provides storage while gorgeous wood floors give the place a rustic, homey feel.

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The kitchen is small but spectacular with a reflective tiled backsplash and another breakfast bar.

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From this angle we get an idea of the huge amount of storage the designer has managed to include without making the space feel any smaller. After all, we need our stuff to live!

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Finally, a small bathroom houses the necessities, including a small washing machine, while pretty teal walls and tiled wainscoting adds a classic touch.

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This 37 square meter (398 square feet) apartment is a bit more masculine in its design choices, but no less stylish.

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Dark wood floors stand in stark contrast with huge white cabinetry and walls.

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A small kitchen with pretty wood storage and deep blue tiled floors has everything a home chef would need. Except maybe excess counter space.

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The green tiled walls are almost a throwback, calling to mind 50’s diner or even a checked suit. Cute cubbyholes provide storage alongside the counter where you’re welcome to pull up a chair.

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The final apartment in this roundup, as seen here through a fisheye mirror, also comes in at 37 square meters (398 square feet).

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But its small size does not diminish its style in the least, starting with this mid-century mustard sofa.

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A custom dresser, painted with the Union Jack, provides a cool conversation piece and fills up an otherwise awkward space between two balcony doors.

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More splashes of yellow in the entryway add a vibrancy to the main living area.

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In contrast, the bedroom makes use of the clean and calming effects of white on white.

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Teal in the kitchen and a small dining table are beautiful and welcoming.

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And a Spanish-inspired bathroom with dark wood and patterned tiles completes the tour of these enviable apartments.

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