Kiev Apartment Showcases Sleek Design with Surprising Playful Elements

Kiev Apartment Showcases Sleek Design with Surprising Playful Elements

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Sophisticated interior design depends on a harmony among many different elements. A home needs to use space efficiently, be comfortable for its inhabitants as well as guests, and create this atmosphere with style. By combining sleek modern elements, such as exposed concrete and low profile platform beds, with playful colors and surprising splashes of fun, architect Sergey Makhno has successful turned this Kiev apartment into the perfect sanctuary for a small, urban family.

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It doesn’t take a lot of pieces to decorate a modern living room successfully. Just a few stylish ones, starting with the cozy white sofa.

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A coffee table made from reclaimed wood is indicative of the warm industrial style that pervades much of the 383 square meter (4000 square foot) home.

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A second seating area carries on with the white furniture theme, but uses more angular lines.

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These white pieces can be slid around, connected, and moved apart to create different arrangements on a whim.

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The oversized art pops against the otherwise black and white palette in this room.

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And a makeshift indoor rock garden adds a bit of Asian flair.

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A small, uncluttered computer area is conducive to work when necessary but not too distracting during non-work hours.

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Here we can start to see the welcoming modern dining room with extremely elegant seating and more creative art choices that complement, but don’t match exactly, their surroundings.

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The dining room takes the required elements – from a large table to overhead lighting – and makes each piece fit within the modern decor, even eschewing a tablecloth.

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The open floor plan is ideal for entertaining, when guests can easily filter from sitting room to dining room and back.

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In the bedrooms, the tones get a bit warmer but stay simple.

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A colorful area rug adds a lot of personality with just a little bit of space.

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Exposed concrete walls covey a loft aesthetic, but warm wood paneling makes the room really feel like home, instead of like a warehouse.

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The master bedroom has its own seating area, with a gray midcentury inspired sofa that matches the bed’s duvet.

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An enviable walk-in closet is spacious enough for even the most dedicated fashionista but has plenty of cubbies to keep everything organized.

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The child’s room is perhaps the biggest surprise in this apartment.

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It manages to feel completely grown up while still including adorable elements like cheeky art.

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The bulbous armchair is particularly notable for how it goes against the clean line theme.

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Plenty of play space and a guest sofa mean sleepovers are easy and fun for all.

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The kitchen is open and sleek with bar seating and a cool reflective backsplash.

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Marble is always elegant and this green bath is no exception, marbled from floor to ceiling.

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A simple design is both easy to clean and cool to the touch.

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For a warmer option, the second bath has much more light and plenty of clean, white surfaces.

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The bath is decidedly luxurious while hanging light fixtures bring a bit of modernity in here, too.

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