Stunning Desert Abode Fit For A James Bond Villain

Stunning Desert Abode Fit For A James Bond Villain

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When most of us dream of a luxury home of our own, our mind may wander to a penthouse in Manhattan, a villa in the South of France, or a private tropical cabana. But it takes a special kind of person to find their own sense of luxury in the solitude of the desert. For example, the type of person that might not want to be found?Once you look inside this incredible organic modern estate from the architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, you might wish you had your own henchmen to polish the rich wood and keep the front steps swept clean of high desert sand.

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The home sits on 10 acres though the building itself measures 4,643 square feet.

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Its amazing exterior design is such that from certain angles it’s difficult to even tell a house exists about the rocks and cacti. A hideout? We’ll never tell.

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The home is located in Joshua Tree, California, a tiny area just outside of the national park.

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The roof is certainly an central element to the overall design. Its rounded paneling is incredibly unique but somehow fits precisely with the landscape. It would be the perfect way to keep this hideout off the radar.

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Even the color of the house seems to shift and fade from sunrise to stunning sunset.

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From every angle, the house is a surprise with curves just where it seems like they shouldn’t be and corners appearing seemingly from nowhere.

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The rusted iron elements are purposeful and give the home a distinctive California feel.

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And what would a house like this be without its own private expanses to view the incredible landscape?

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Of course, the exterior is only half of the story. If there was any doubt as to the incredible design of the home, once we get a peek inside there is absolutely none.

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Every inch of the interior flows seamlessly from one room to the next.

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The sweeping dark wood beams are combined with strangely threatening light fixtures and oddly angular interior walls. Enough to confuse any intruder.

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A rich leather sofa and cool copper fireplace would be the perfect place to kick your feet up after a long day of spy hunting.

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Even the kitchen appears to be carved out of rock. Supervillains don’t tend to spend much time cooking anyway.

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Of course, no matter what your profession or who you want to hide from, the sunsets in the desert just can’t be beat. Not by Bond or anyone.

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