Minimalist 1 Bedroom Apartment Designed For A Young Man

Minimalist 1 Bedroom Apartment Designed For A Young Man

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Living alone is not for everyone, but those that can make it work have the opportunity to create a space that is entirely their own. In this 47 square meter (505 square feet), as visualized by Pavlova Oksana, the young man who the designer had in mind has plenty of space for all his daily activities. From a small dining nook thats flooded with morning sunlight to a cozy sofa for a comfortable night in, every space is used perfectly in such a way that the minimalist space feels much bigger than it actually is.

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The living room and kitchen area are one open space, which also connects out into the sunroom that acts as a dining space. Although there is certainly a theme of vibrant colors with splashes of lime green and lemon yellow, the are used sparingly so that the neutral tones, such as the soft gray sofa fabric and the white brick walls, can help to make the space feel more open.

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With plenty of built in cabinetry, the kitchen has room to hide away all the necessary kitchen appliances while a bright green backsplash gives it some extra dimension. A narrow breakfast bar makes it easy to grab a quick bite while watching the news on the wall-mounted flatscreen.

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The dining nook is particularly charming in this apartments with a curved window that mimics the effect of a window seat and lets in tons of morning light. Despite its small size, there is still plenty of room for an intimate dinner party.

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A workspace is a necessity for many modern adults, whether they work from there full time or just need a place to catch up on emails. This cozy area has room for all the necessities without taking up too much floorspace.

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Through a quirky painted door is another relaxing space that also doubles as a bedroom. This modular beige sofa can be rearranged to create a cozy bed.

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Finally, the bathroom uses a coppery color palette plus mismatched patterned tiles to give it a warm and comfortable glow.

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