A Modern Summer Cottage Utilizes Tons of Gorgeous Walnut

A Modern Summer Cottage Utilizes Tons of Gorgeous Walnut

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Living close to nature and living actually in nature are very different things. There are only a special few who actually want to sleep under the stars with a rock as a pillow. But there are many more of us who want to feel close to the natural world and its beauty. This summer cottage in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, which was entirely redesigned by Sergey Gotvyanskys team at NOTT Design Studio, takes a cue from the beauty of its natural surroundings but still provides all the modern comforts that a family could want.

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The two story house features a common design with communal living spaces on the ground floor and private rooms on the upper level. The ground floor includes a sunken living room and open kitchen that flows seamlessly into a lovely sunny dining room. Throughout the house, we can feel the influence of the lustrous wood that is walnut. From the exposed ceiling beams on the lower level to the custom paneling behind the television, to the hand carved bed frame in the master bedroom, the beautiful chocolate color and natural grain creates a warm and indulgent atmosphere while still celebrating simplicity.

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While the finishing touches of the house are few, with focus staying mainly on the major furnishings and luxurious materials, there are hand made ceramics from Sergey Gorban that are scattered around the home for a bit more personality.

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To reach the second floor, occupants can luxuriate on the minimalist staircase that is wide and deep, making it appear as much as a sculptural element as a necessary feature. Once on the upper level, the master bedroom, children’s room, and guest room keep the same tone. Each room strives to maximize the natural sunlight that is able to stream in from the home’s location near a reservoir while white walls work with, rather than against, the strong wood features.

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In the bathroom, beautiful stone tiles take the place of the walnut, giving it a bit more life and texture than standard marble might provide.

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