Designing For Small Spaces: 3 Beautiful Micro Lofts

Designing For Small Spaces: 3 Beautiful Micro Lofts

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In design, as in life, bigger is not always better. In microlofts - urban apartments that can measure as little as 200 square feet (less than 20 square meters) - it is about what you do with the space you have rather than how much of that space there is. The three microloft designs in this post have their small size in common but each manages to create its own personality. Yes, designing a space this size and including all the necessary functions from a kitchen to a bathroom is certainly a challenge. But once you embrace the idea of keeping things small, it is almost liberating to be able to see just what a designer can do in these tiny homes.

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  • Architect: Stanislav Kaminskyi
The first microloft measures 47 square meters (500 square feet), so it is actually on the larger end of the microloft spectrum. The home does feel quite open and airy as a result of the colors and furniture elements. Natural wood paneling coupled with plenty of white space lets the light from outside really create the feeling of a much bigger area. A compact kitchen still has a small eating nook and enough preparation area for some light cooking – even if it would be a difficult place to prepare a five course meal. The bathroom, too, is surprisingly large with elegant white tile and a deep soaking tub turning the one private area of the house into a real retreat.

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The second microloft in the collection is a bit smaller at 39 square meters (419 square feet). The small area makes it necessary for the dining table to sit between the sofa and the television, which is a bit awkward. The kitchen in this space is little more than a bar, and the bedroom, hidden away behind sliding doors, is essentially a sleeping cave, which actually looks quite cozy.

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  • Architect: Stanislav Kaminskyi
The last home in this collection measures 56 square meters (about 600 square feet). A little bit more square footage means a few more options when it comes to the design. A four person dining table fits snugly in the kitchen area and a separate bedroom can be hidden away by a sliding door. Just the ability to separate bed from living room makes a huge difference when it comes to the actuality of living in a microloft. It means you can relax or work in one area and sleep in another, and that division is very important for stress relief.

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