Colorful Kids Rooms with Plenty of Playful Style

Colorful Kids Rooms with Plenty of Playful Style

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Using plenty of color in designing a kids room is not exactly reinventing the wheel. But the four rooms featured in this post are a far cry from the standard Playskool primary colors and safety scissors. Not only does each room take full advantage of natural lighting, they use playful patterns and sophisticated design elements to create rooms that are not only kid friendly but also stylish, trendy, and gorgeous.

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  • Designer: Fajno Design
The first room offers a creative option for sharing space. While some homes might have strictly enough space for siblings to have their own space, sharing a room can actually be a welcome and valuable experience at a certain age. This room is clearly designed to have brother and sister share peacefully. The room is divided by a partial wall that contains desks and study areas for both children. In addition, varied patterns are used to give both sides their own personality – in particular, the creative borders at chair rail height that alternately contain chalkboard paint and quirky bicycle graphics.

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The Eames arm chair serves as the kid’s chair here.

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  • Designer: Masha Gluzdakova
The next room would perhaps be best suited to an older girl and comes from designer Masha Gluzdakova. The room is large enough to serve as a complete retreat, to host sleepovers, and generally allow a teenager to retreat from the world as they are wont to do. The sunny reading nook is particularly inviting, with a cozy, brightly colored hammock and a few comfy pillows.

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  • Designer: Masha Gluzdakova
The final room is a bit smaller in size but the design is entirely modern and comfortable. A custom lofted bed leaves room for a couch underneath where the boy who lives here can relax, or where a friend can comfortably spend the night. The wood paneling on one wall blends beautifully with the wood flooring and chocolatey brown ombre wall treatment on the opposite wall. The tones are muted but the results are a bit playful completely welcoming.

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