A Wild Modern Home Exterior Contains a Clean Modern Interior

A Wild Modern Home Exterior Contains a Clean Modern Interior

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When you visit a home as a guest, a tourist, or even a potential buyer, the first thing you see is the outside. The exterior of a home can speak volumes about what is contained within and about what is important to the homes inhabitants as well. In a residential area of Palakkad, Kerala in southern India, we find a stunning exterior that certainly tells a major story. The home, known as The Skewed House, is from the team at LIJO.RENY.architects. Its exterior design looks as if mismatched boxes were simply stacked on top of each other precariously from some angles. From another perspective, however, it is easy to see how this creative shape could be interpreted as a modern, man made answer to the towns surrounding mountains, as a statement about man and nature, and as a testament to how man can indeed shape his surroundings with the right materials and some tenacity.

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