Two Homes with Colorful Kids Rooms Included

Two Homes with Colorful Kids Rooms Included

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Nothing can inspire a kid quite as much as growing up in a home where beauty and design are highly valued. In this two homes from designer Juliya Butova, that penchant for style carries through not only the shared living spaces, but also the boisterous and gorgeous kids rooms. When a child has a place to play that they can call their own, creatively designed to stimulate their growing minds, the possibilities for their future become easily endless. Lets look inside these spaces for our own youthful inspiration.

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In the main living area of this first home, primary colors yellow and red are pitted against some cool oatmeal neutrals. The way these bright colors pop really give the otherwise simple and modern home some playful pizzazz. The palette really carries itself throughout the shared space, from an accent wall to dining chairs and throw pillows and even into the master bedroom, where the yellow takes on a more muted tone.

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In the kids room, yellow does seep in from the outside but even more colors are brought in and oatmeal gives way to pastel pinks. The ultra cool area rug and geometric wall art give this room a special creative boost that any kid would be luck to latch onto.

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In the second home, the living room takes on a softer and more romantic feel with creams and corals making up a large part of the palette. Creamy soft sofas, white walls with creative molding, and a sleek natural wood dining table complete the room. The bedroom here is also a bit brighter with a stunning teal duvet and a nod to hotel room art above the headboard.

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The kids room is where things really get interesting with a tea party-ready space for the girliest of girls including everything from pink ruffled bedspreads to too cute cherry pairs on the wallpaper.

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