3 Modern Homes in Many Shades of Gray

3 Modern Homes in Many Shades of Gray

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Gray is a bit of an underdog when it comes to interior color schemes – perhaps because of its association with gloomy clouds and rainstorms. But these homes prove that gray can be just as bright, cheerful, and inviting as any other choice. Its a great option for modern homes, a necessity for monochromatic palettes, and works as a fantastic background for colorful designs too. And best of all, its the epitome of neutral so it can grow with your interior as your tastes change over time. The designers featured here use gray in several different ways and each example is inspiring.

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  • Visualizer: Sergey Baskakov
This apartment uses dark charcoal gray tones, lightened by a bright open layout and dotted with polished brass fixtures. The ceiling is composed of varied wood slats and treated with high polish to reflect a generous amount of for a lustrous effect. Taken together, the atmosphere is luxurious yet casual.

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An overhead view reveals the layout to be compact and efficient, using blocks of gray to delineate each area according to function. Dark colors grouped with dark colors create a sense of intimacy and closeness – an impressive feat considering the scale and openness of the layout. The protruding volume of the accent wall separates it from the rest of the space.

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The streamlined dining room takes advantage of the same gray-on-gray theme as the living room. Even though the furniture is dark, if offers a view drenched in sunlight – thanks, in part, to the row of windows bordering the double height ceiling.

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A smooth white kitchen island makes a dramatic silhouette against the textured accent wall. Black and gray define the dining space, illuminated by an intricate Hoops lamp by Giovanni Barbato. The lamp stands out even more compared to the highly minimalistic forms used throughout the rest of the space.

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Even the range hood and faucets forgo extraneous detail. The kitchen island is smooth and glossy – only the worktop hints at pattern or texture to match the matte wall behind it.

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  • Designer: Elena Ovcharenko
This bright and colorful apartment in Kyiv features a detailed white interior with gray and brass accents, wood floors, and even a few concrete details – today’s trends interpreted with a strong sense of originality and playfulness.

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The relatively compact floorplan makes great use of lightweight furniture to maximize space, like the smart nesting coffee tables and the almost-transparent Bertoia wire chair. Chevron parquet floors and a big yellow rug give the combined living and dining space a perfectly quirky personality that appeals to any taste.

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Paneled walls offer a classic touch within a highly modernist interior. A small glass-encased fireplace on the floating console table likely uses an illuminated mist technology, a realistic yet safe option easy to use anywhere.

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On the left is a pair of pendants by Michael Anastassiades, and on the left is the Atomium Chandelier from Lambert Fils.

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The bedroom easily ties back into the overall theme, swathed in gray textiles and perked up with just a touch of color. Lindsey Adelman Cherrybomb lamps illuminate each side of the bed with a form inspired by delicate branches and blossoms.

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Fun geometric rugs reflect the unique cubic bed frame. Color accents remain tasteful and understated while the gray remains the main emphasis.

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A single portrait of a ballerina lends a touch of sentimentality and mystery. The unusual placement helps to amplify its effect on the blank wall behind it. The placement and contrast is artistic in its own right.

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Light wood cabinets frame a modern marble backsplash in the kitchen. Like in the other rooms, using marble so sparingly seems to heighten its impact on the overall aesthetic of the home. Like the brass, it’s luxurious but not too “showy”.

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While the rest of the apartment uses fine materials modestly, the bathroom embraces its opulence with conviction. Marble floor and backsplash are sandwiched between bold gray tiles, with brass pendants and golden cove lighting to give a warm and rich appeal.

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Wrapped in the comforting patina of a metallic panel, the tub has an otherworldly atmosphere perfect for washing away the worries of the day. Above, circular pendant lamps bring to mind images of playful bubbles or pristine moons.

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  • Visualizer: Level archiviz
Modern furniture meets a backdrop of classical architectural details in this dynamic home. Paneled walls and parquet floors provide a sense of softness in contrast to the clean geometry and monochromatic colors of the interior appointments. Gray interiors are certainly high in the ranks as far as modernist color palettes go, and this sampling of shades seem to work very well with the artist’s intentions.

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Gray accents grow even more subtle in the kitchen, used to draw attention to only a few small details: the cords on the pendant lamps, the paper on the vintage ad prints, and the metal of the appliances. Of course, the cool thing about decorating with gray and white is how even the shadows weave themselves into the narrative.

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The kitchen proves to be a fun place to use circular patterns. Circles are sure to echo the shape of many objects used every day for cooking, a great way to integrate those pots, pans, and spoons into the overall design of the room rather than boxing them in as ordinary tools or decorative objects. Here, the printed rug plays a fun contrast to the chevron floorboards below it.

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