Three Luxurious Apartments With Dark Modern Interiors

Three Luxurious Apartments With Dark Modern Interiors

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Slate, ebony, leather – luxurious materials like these are the backbone of a sophisticated dark interior. They bring to mind the sound of clinking of cocktail glasses, the subtle aroma of fine old books, and memories of a time before designers felt the pressure to paint everything white for the sake of raw minimalism. The three gorgeous apartments featured here use opulent materials to create spaces that feel smart yet homey, rich yet comfortable. These dark-themed homes show that stark color palettes dont have to be edgy or sullen, they can be playful and very full of life.

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  • Designer: Dzhemesyuk Yurov Design
This apartment in Kiev (Kyiv) is the work of Dzhemesyuk Yurov Design. Preventing dark materials from absorbing all the available light is one of the most difficult parts of working with such a subdued palette, but this home demonstrates plenty of clever tricks to keep things feeling bright and comfortable.

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Shelves and niches are usually the first spaces to suffer from a lack of natural light – but this dividing wall tackles that problem by remaining open in the back, treated with a glossy finish to catch the light coming in from the room behind it.

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The white ceiling reflects the sun as it pours through a singular window in the living room.

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Cantilever side tables slide under the sofa for a space-saving and extra-functional touch. The entire living space is tied together by a cozy black rug so the feet can hit something a little warmer than marble after spending an evening curled up with a book.

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These wood and leather wing chairs are from the Almora collection by Doshi Levien – a very hot item. As demonstrated by the other views in this series, these seats are beautiful from every angle and very appropriate for placement in the middle of the room just as they are in this apartment.

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Glossy wall cladding and subtle recessed lights brighten the stairway despite its ultra-dark color scheme. Designers are often wary of using a palette that runs the risk of making a stairwell look too gloomy and foreboding, but it’s so easy to love this one with its sleek and creative atmosphere.

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A lightbox or solar shade creates a stunning silhouette of the sculptures.

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The dining room uses glossy black and white marble to amplify the amount of sunlight it receives – a thoughtful and attractive choice. Additional light over the table comes from upholstered Silenzio pendant lamps by Monica Armani.

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Every piece of furniture in the dining room contributes to the atmosphere. Here there are no afterthoughts, just good design. The chairs are especially fitting, part of the Cut series by Francesco Rota.

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Every spacious hallway could use a waiting area as classy as this one.

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Zebra-striped tile ensures this bathroom fits into the “truly unforgettable” category. A mirror behind the vanity makes this dark room feel extra spacious despite how much visual real estate the bold patterns use.

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  • Architect: Paul Zagrabchuk
Designed by interior architects leqb, this apartment enriches its monochromatic interior with smooth mocha tones. Pictured here is the office, where a stunning wine collection enjoys a floor-to-ceiling showcase on the far wall.

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A low chandelier helps this social space achieve an even more intimate and cozy aesthetic – a feat that often proves difficult to accomplish in a room with such high ceilings. The stone accent wall helps bring the space even closer.

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A tall storage unit seems to float above a marble sideboard. Carefully arranged wooden panels echo the geometry of the modular sofa, while open niches in matte black help disguise the television. A sliding door can easily conceal the television between uses.

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The living room is more open and bright, occupying a double-height space centered by a spectacular spiral staircase leading to a private mezzanine. A wall of books stands on the left, a dining space in the background on the right. The attention to detail is very pronounced in this space: even the series of lights over the dining table reflects the shape of the wineglasses below.

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Sensational coffee tones and luxurious materials infuse this bedroom with a sense of sensuality and intimacy. Every line is smoothly curved – no sharp angles here. Note the large canvas tucked away in the corner, featuring a passionate arm-wrestling match beneath a delicate chandelier.

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The overstuffed headboard alone would not have made a visual impact dramatic enough for a bedroom this impressive. A floor-to-ceiling curtain behind the bed has theatrical appeal, and creates a powerful play of light and shadow thanks to the opaque shades on the bedside table lamps.

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Light wood floors brighten the walk-in closet. An interesting contrast of textures is at play here – high gloss cabinets and roughly textured walls make for a striking combination. Rather than the ordinary dressing benches one would expect, this closet uses stylish poufs arranged for ultimate convenience.

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The guest bedroom isn’t quite as sultry as the master bedroom, but does embody the suave intellectual influence of the rest of the home. Upholstered surfaces and richly grained wood make this space feel soft and welcoming enough for any guest – and given the expertly appointed surroundings, such a guest may never want to leave!

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Here’s a classy room for a sophisticated young woman, decked out with fun yet luxurious furniture. Mauve and brown set the tone and rich textures complete the look. The carpet is especially unique, carefully layered to invoke images of shifting sands or perhaps even exaggerated wood grain.

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A view of the other side of the room shows ample seating for visiting friends. Near the window, a small office desk takes advantage of a pullout side table for added workspace, with extra storage provided by a unique bookshelf filled with books and sentimental belongings.

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Ghostly tulle creates a canopy around the bed, illuminated by columns of light filtering through the floor-length chandeliers on either side – a very graceful touch befitting the ballet theme. The wavy carpet flows in the same direction as the pleats in the fabric and the wood grain on the walls, imbuing the space with a sense of movement and rhythm.

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The master bath represents more of a classical design. Stunning baroque mirrors take their place above each smooth vessel sink. There’s no need for extra decoration between these mirror frames and the abundance of marble on the floor and countertop, it’s perfectly luxurious as it is.

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Another bathroom, with the same vessel sinks. This time simplicity rules the room – clean lines and simple materials make for a very bright and refined space.

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  • Designer: Dzhemesyuk Yurov Design
Created by Yurov Design for a young couple with an appreciation for minimalist modern style, this Kiev apartment offers a panoramic view of the city wrapped in interior luxury. This one features a monochromatic black color scheme coupled with bright brass accents, and furniture from a range of famous and up-and-coming designers.

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A large marble monolith divides the living room from the kitchen and houses attractive brass-finished shelves. The television is hardly noticeable in its glossy niche, a nice way to integrate technology without resorting to mechanical obfuscation techniques.

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Every lamp in this apartment is a work of art in its own right – here, disk and sphere lights from Areti beautifully complement the sculptural low-set coffee table. In the daytime, the glossy white panel behind the sofa reflects enough natural sunlight to make even the darkest-themed interior look bright and cheerful.

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Both the loungers and the dining chairs are the work of Italian designer Antonio Citterio. It made sense to choose lightweight pieces for this particular location as to minimize the amount of skyline blocked by the furniture – the thin frames of the loungers and the mesh bodies of the dining chairs offer a versatile solution.

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Lindsay Adelman chandeliers brighten the table, nicely coordinated with the centerpiece decorations below. Thanks to the table’s enviable position surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, the chandelier isn’t much needed in the daytime but surely provides a stunning display at night.

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Glossy cabinetry features a hue somewhere between coffee and brass, drawing extra attention to the clean white worktops. The backsplash looks jet-black from this perspective yet matches the tone of the cabinets as seen from the other angles – a neat optical illusion that increases perceived depth.

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Extra space near the entrance gains a functional purpose with the addition of a waiting sofa. The gorgeously framed Squares lamp from Areti draws immediate attention and beckons visitors to take a seat.

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This playful print is sure to make a lasting impression on houseguests – an unforgettable piece from the Zoo Portraits series by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal. Everybody loves animals in suits, right?

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