Four Small Studios That Explore Fun and Whimsical Styles

Four Small Studios That Explore Fun and Whimsical Styles

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Although minimalistic studio apartment styles might seem easier to coordinate, theres limit to the creativity that a constricted space can inspire. Small spaces arent impossible to work with: in fact, having fewer options can help residents tailor their taste for an even more powerful impact. This post looks at four ultra-compact apartments and examines the defining touches that make each space its own unique world. If you recently downsized or hope to downsize in the future, these inspiring small studio designs might offer some ideas you can apply in your own home.

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  • Designer: Polygon
At just 44 square meters, this apartment required a very tailored approach to interior decor. Thankfully, the designer bucked the status quo and decided to embrace an eclectic look, featuring a wide variety of textures ranging from modern to regionally inspired and even geometric. Burnt sienna tones bring to mind the rich intensity of spice stands and flaming sunsets, engaging all of the senses with one smart design.

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Furniture remains modern but the playful selection does include a few iconic designs, like the 1951 Contour Armchair by Grant Featherston.

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Limited space required a creative approach to layout. Sliding slats provide privacy for the small bedroom tucked away next to the living space.

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Another famous chair selection includes the Cherner Chair originally designed by Norman Cherner.

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In the kitchen, geometric tiles blend seamlessly with the wood floors. Another interesting feature includes the fish scale backsplash tile – a throwback to the Art Deco style.

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Around the corner from the living area, a small entryway shakes things up with a bold floor pattern.

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Circular details bring out the fluidity of the design, and retro primary colors bring out the warmth of the wooden elements.

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Eclectic tiles are totally in! This bathroom uses a combination of modern mosaics, stone-textured tiles, and wood effect paneling.

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  • Designer: Natalie Dubrovska
Next is a lovely home for a young couple. It’s modern, cozy, and lively all at the same time – and even more importantly, this design highlights the experiences and interests of the couple’s shared life. While the social views look ordinary enough at first glance, only further exploration can uncover the distinctive features that make this residence feel magical.

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The living space includes a kitchen and a modern curved dining bar, all reflected in the floor-length mirror on the dark accent wall on the far end of the room. And the stairwell is nothing short of artistic.

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Although tucked into a small area, the kitchen isn’t missing a single feature or convenience. Those glass-fronted shelves are a unique touch that preserves the “open” look without risking dusty dishes.

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Upstairs, a little bedroom makes the most of its floor space with dramatic mirrored closets. Round features soften the neutral interior’s effect.

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Minimalist artwork and concrete pendant lights defy expectations and bring character to the space.

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Who would be able to resist spending their mornings sitting on the cozy padded bench and soaking up the beautiful outdoors view?

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The bathroom includes a few surprising features as well. The vanity is a nice touch, especially its position near the window: imagine taking your seasonal makeup inspiration directly from the landscape.

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  • Designer: Nataliia Liventsova
Greyscale interiors can exude creativity too! This living room takes an inspiring approach to everything from furniture arrangements to decor choices. It’s a chic and playful little pad, filled with typography and delicate accent colors and surprises around every corner.

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One of the most imaginative spaces is this windows-side bench, filled with charismatic pillows that reflect the resident’s personality. Storage space hides beneath: a must-have in any studio apartment.

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Reflective surfaces are just one recurring feature that lends a sense of whimsy to this residence. The tea set on the dining table certainly helps too!

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Multi-level tables are an extremely handy feature for apartments as small as this one.

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Several socialization zones share the same space. Guests can either watch television, congregate near the window, or sit on the bed.

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A singular shag rug warms the feet at each social space simultaneously.

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One side of the sofa faces toward the media center, and the other side serves as a dining bench. Doubling functionality is always a smart tactic for compact spaces.

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Reflective work surfaces make the kitchen shine. The acrylic backsplash is a look almost any home could pull off, but the mismatched chairs are a skillful move.

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The bedroom shares the open living space without much conflict. Sliding curtains allow for privacy whenever guests might sleep over on the sofa.

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And don’t forget to appreciate this ultra-smart laundry niche! It looks like a convenient addition to any apartment.

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Near the entryway, stools and shelves provide the comforts that make leaving home easier than ever.

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In the bathroom, luxury marble and warm wood tones create a space that invites relaxation no matter the circumstances of the day.

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  • Designer: Daria Kazanceva
  • Visualizer: Maria Fadeeva
Now here’s one of the boldest small apartments we’ve ever had the pleasure to feature! Green, red, and harvest gold join their intermediary complements in a compact apartment interior that feels full of energy and personality. Something captures the imagination anywhere the eye turns.

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Formal dining furniture occupies a spot directly behind the sofa, with the kitchen to the left and the bed near the television.

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What an interesting color theme! Very few objects share the same exact hue, giving the entire interior a certain carefree aesthetic.

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Geometric patterns give order to an otherwise very experimental aesthetic.

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In the bathroom, olive green tiles meet orange walls for an exciting twist. The washer/dryer utilizes the extra space beneath the sink to save precious square footage.

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