Bedroom Inspiration Roundup: Cool Unconventional Themes

Bedroom Inspiration Roundup: Cool Unconventional Themes

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Bedrooms offer the privacy that allows residents to decorate creatively and without fear of being too bold. Theyre a fun and judgement-free place to explore new interior styles, and the ideal candidate for self-expression. This modern bedroom design roundup doesnt stick to just one style – these spaces are just as varied and interesting as their occupants. Each one seems to tell a different story. If youre planning to redecorate but dont know which direction you want to take, one of these daring bedrooms just might inspire fresh ideas you can apply within your own home.

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  • Visualizer: Thanh Minh
Cute and simple, this bedroom captures the imagination with a neat house-shaped headboard wall filled with charismatic animal illustrations. It’s a neat idea for a resident of any age.

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The best part about the house idea is the fact that almost anyone with a saw and some screws could build one. It’s large for a DIY project but the result is bigger-than-life too.

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On the other side of the room, diamond-checkered wallpaper keeps things interesting. The built-in shelves are a nice touch and really extend the functionality of the office.

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  • Visualizer: Artyom Bezfamilniy
What a bright and creative bedroom! This spacious retreat has unique geometric floors, sculptural wall decorations, and the perfect dash of color. The sheer curtain is especially easy to love – bright flowers and butterflies lend their charm and beauty with ease.

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The heavier curtains provide privacy at night. This set has ruffled bottoms almost like flower petals. Very fitting for the garden theme.

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This fabulous geometric dog sculpture is likely the work of industrial artist Ben Foster. He’s also known for making life-size horses and wolves in the same style.

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Ample storage space is a must-have for any bedroom that aspires to be as neat and tidy as this one.

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Clean white cabinetry and decor erases any distraction. Potted plants continue the garden theme that began with the curtain.

  • 9 |
Little magical details like this one would be so fun to choose. Between the leaf-like lights, the headboard wall is alive with adorable snails.

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  • Visualizer: Koj Design
Modern geometric themes make a high-energy impact, but the calm blue palette ensures a relaxing atmosphere. It’s important to have that sense of balance in a bedroom – soothing themes help massage away the day’s worries, but energetic accents can make all of the difference in the groggy early morning hours.

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The view is terrific! Although the windows are relatively small, they do use height to their advantage to capture full effect of the skyline.

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The spiral staircase print and the collage of furniture details on the wall might hint that this bedroom was completed for a design enthusiast.

  • 13 |
At the opposite end of the room, varied shelves lend an artistic quality to the room in addition to its very functional purpose.

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Rarely does a chair serve as a focal point in itself, but this bold striped pattern on the vanity chair definitely stands out from the rest of the room. It’s an effective statement piece.

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Modern lighting illuminates the bed for peaceful reading or app time. Together, the pieces allude to a subtle Art Deco influence underlying the room’s decor theme.

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The basic building blocks of the room are versatile, easy to adapt to any style. It’s difficult to go wrong with dark hardwood floors and large windows, and walls that take well to unconventional colors.

  • 17 |
  • Visualizer: Denis Bespalov
Here’s a bedroom that embraces the adventurous side of industrial style rather than the minimalistic side. On-theme furniture and creative material choices make the room feel playful and spirited, almost as if it personifies the creative energy of city life.

  • 18 |
A tall lumber headboard extends up to the ceiling. It lends a natural touch in contrast to the colder grey walls that surround, but its rough surface still implies industrial influence.

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Classic damask isn’t a common pattern in industrial decor themes but it makes a nice quirky addition here.

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The chandelier is from the Modo collection by Jason Miller. The collection includes dozens of configurations ranging from simple to intricate, and this is one of the more intricate models.

  • 21 |
White walls ensure the other side of the bedroom remains mostly subtle – the yellow draws definitely steal the show.

  • 22 |
Every detail demonstrates thoughtful design. The lamp’s careful engineering fits into the industrial theme quite well, and the chromed radiator was a bold and inspiring choice.

  • 23 |
  • Visualizer: BURO 82
Dark, moody, and modern – this bedroom has a strong ambiance woven from smooth materials and soft yellow-tinted lights. It shows how warm and welcoming minimalism can be when it’s approached with extra attention paid to intangible qualities like atmosphere.

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Perhaps most striking is the cantilever bed design, making it appear to float unsupported. Within a streamlined interior like this one, bold features like these can prove to be more memorable than any decorative theme.

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Nature-inspired artwork and sculpture fits well within this sophisticated retreat.

  • 26 |
  • Visualizer: viet do xuan
Incredible! Overlooking a stunning garden, this bedroom has the effect of an indoor-outdoor living space. Tiled floors and textural walls reinforce the natural theme.

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The vintage fan and stool are open to interpretation: to some they may seem like a subtle nod to the steampunk genre, to others they may feel more Art Deco, and to still others, they are a simple throwback to the elegance of classic design.

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Things always get interesting when gardening and interior design come together. Tending to plants is an act of expression just as much as any other art form.

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