Bright Homes In Three Styles: Pop Art, Scandinavian, And Modern

Bright Homes In Three Styles: Pop Art, Scandinavian, And Modern

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Are you having trouble figuring out where to begin in the redecorating process? For adventurous types, it can be difficult to decide which style to pursue in the first place. Thats when you know its time to hit the Internet to look for decor inspiration. This post looks at three bright and cheerful homes, each one sporting a radically different theme. The first home delights with quirky Adventure Time characters, the second home calms the soul with chic Scandinavian influences, and the last space might inspire those who prefer a more conventionally modern style.

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  • Designer: Lada Kamyshanska Alexander Milovanov
Welcome to the Land of Ooo! Adventure Time fans are sure to recognize Finn and Jake, and later, Lady Rainicorn. Its bright pink and yellow color theme energizes the room, an atmosphere guests can appreciate even if they’ve never watched the cartoon.

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Decorating an open layout home with such a bold theme takes restraint – while the rest of the home enjoys a variety of playful decor, the media wall remains unadorned as a crisp backdrop.

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Lemon yellow brightens the dining room, and even the fridge gets into the theme. Colorful fridges can become any character with a simple decal.

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Yellow shelves bring color to the kitchen too. The arched window floods the room with light, which the vibrant plants surely appreciate. You’ll also notice that the unique living room pendants reach all the way over to the dining table.

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Strong space-saving techniques make compact homes like these feel less cluttered – essential for an apartment with such a vibrant theme.

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Cute and cool, this icy bedroom nook uses a more relaxing color theme than the rest of the home. The bed platform is all self-contained with a headboard, side table, and under-mattress drawers.

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Bright cabinetry extends the amount of storage for a tidier home. Thanks to this strong accent, the otherwise dark pathway feels like it has its own source of sunshine.

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Like the bedroom, the bathroom also enjoys the comfort of a light blue color palette. The wood wall features laser-drawn characters from the show.

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  • Visualizer: Koj Design
Completely departing from the style of the previous home, this welcoming Scandinavian interior embraces traditional decor with subtle modern undertones. Eclectic furniture and rustic details reflect the classic side of Nordic design. It’s approachable, flexible, and homey.

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Geometric prints are one of the reoccurring modern elements, like these pillows and the complementary rug. Gem-cut herb planters on the leftmost windowsill continue the theme, along with the tessellated tiles in the kitchen.

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Fireplaces and stoves are practically a necessity in cold Northern climates. But they’re not just a utilitarian staple – they’re often works of art in their own right. This one was inspired by traditional Scandinavian tiled stoves.

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Typography and numbers are always well suited to an eclectic interior thanks to their flexibility and wide range of themes. Did you notice the a-frame computer table and stenciled chest of drawers? Very cool ideas.

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The kitchen is easy to love, especially with its traditional wood countertops and mosaic tile backsplash. The wall to the left has a distressed concrete finish for a more modern look.

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Gorgeous prints and classic furniture make every meal feel like a garden party. Collections of colorful glass line the windows to pull the theme together.

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  • Visualizer: Roy Fredy
Industrial-inspired interiors can feel just as bright as any other style! Black elements don’t overwhelm the emphasis on bright white surfaces, and help hide shadows on walls that aren’t exposed to sunlight. The furniture remains simple, the layout feels practical, and it’s hard to ignore the unique architectural features.

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Calming blue accents make for a fresh and comfortable decor theme. White furniture seems even more prominent against the dark wood floors and black wall accents.

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The living room arrangement remains exceptionally casual, consisting of just two sofas and a coffee table. Exceptional built-in storage reduces the need for extra furniture.

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Striking black and white cabinetry and the mirrored backsplash all hint toward subtle Art Deco influence, sharp and effective.

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It’s a spacious apartment but space conservation is an important part of the wide and spacious aesthetic. This handy home office makes good use of the extra floor space beneath the stairs.

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Metal rods enclose the stairs for safety and help distinguish the office from the rest of the room. Thanks to their cantilever design, the stair treads appear to float weightlessly.

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What an inviting room! The master suite includes a casual area for socializing. The purple sofa really stands out – a fun touch in an otherwise serious space.

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A matching ottoman provides residents with a convenient place to kick off their shoes before relaxing in front of the television.

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Tailored simplicity – the bedroom portion of the master suite adopts a neutral color theme enhanced by dark floors, warm and comfortable.

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High quality construction and fine design turns even the most utilitarian objects into sources of decoration. This room uses its visual capital wisely.

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A reading nook and media center share the shelves at the end of the room. The living room portion of the suite is for high-energy activities, while the bedroom invites relaxation.

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The wing chair and adjustable-height floor reading lamp complete the reading area. And that view? Exhilarating!

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