4 Chic Homes that Utilize Lofted Spaces

4 Chic Homes that Utilize Lofted Spaces

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When you think of a loft, particularly in modern parlance, you probably expect to find a concrete room with vaulted ceilings and very little in the way of warmth. But all loft really means is a space that sits above another space. Often lofted rooms are used for cozy sleeping areas while the rest of the home is kept open and airy, but a lofted space can serve as a home office, a playroom, or even simply storage. The four homes here utilize the lofted design to maximize their space while also paying attention to the chic, stylish details of the rest of the house or apartment.

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  • Visualizer: O.M. Shumelda
The first home takes the common tact of having a lofted bedroom that overlooks the rest of the home.

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And indeed there is quite a lot to overlook, beginning with one of the most creative dining setups we have ever seen.

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Modern industrial home decor influence has led to this caged dining table, from which a swing seat dangles.

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The wood dining table matches the surrounding wood cabinetry while a wooden ladder leads up to the loft.

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The industrial chairs have quite a bit of character, looking as though they may have actually been used in a warehouse at some point.

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The effect is offset by the delicate elements that are also included, like a blown glass vase and soft, striped floor seating.

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The cage theme extends up to the loft, where safety and style meld with the white chainlink element,

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Black and white against natural wood is a timeliness combination, used in this home to great effect.

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You can see how the structural motif of the caged dining table carries through to other parts of the home, with this similar clothes rack.

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The bathroom is a shiny black with a stunning rainforest-inspired shower.

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The matte black sink pedestal has elements reminiscent of an oil barrel, another nod to the industrial inspiration of the design.

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Another bathroom is a bit brighter, utilizing white for a deep soaking tub and grass green tiles.

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A relaxing end to an industrious day would be easy with this set up.

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The apartment, which is located in London’s Saint Martin’s Lofts, has been designed as a showcase for that building, using luxury furnishings like these modern dining chars.

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Chic dining room pendants hang over the table, both chosen by 19 Greek Street founder Marc Péridis.

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The building itself is redevelopment of the the iconic Saint Martins School of Art in Charing Cross.

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Details like highly modern reading chairs give a nod to the artistic heritage of the site.

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In this apartment, the lofted space is used as a creative office, perhaps one where an interior designer himself could feel at home.

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The compositions throughout the home are quite artistic, with structurally unique furnishings creating the centerpieces for stunning frames.

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A simple, chic bedroom with bedroom pendant lights and cozy kitchen complete the tour of this artistic home.

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  • Visualizer: Jure Smuk
The next space is another beautiful urban loft with its own artistic bent.

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A wide open living space uses a backdrop of blue-gray to set off pops of bright red.

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Plenty of seating on the main level is anchored by the large and inviting blue sectional, which includes a modern take on a chaise.

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A Fiddle Leaf Fig flanks each side of the floor-to-ceiling windows and adds a bit of drama to the design.

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The simplicity of the red accent chairs is stark and notable.

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A relatively small dining area is plenty of room for a light dinner or cocktails with friends.

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Of course, the details are always important. A copper pitcher and unique vases add a spark to the dining room design.

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The wood stairs to the next level create a contrasting look with the tiles from the lower level, which houses this cute (and more structurally sound) answer to the beanbag chair.

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An ivy plant cascades beautifully over the half wall into the home office space.

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Creative lighting in the bedroom is a bit modern and a little romantic.

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Light coming in from outside is the best alarm clock for any bedroom.

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Indoor herb planters in the kitchen add a pop of greenery as well as a practical option for a home cook.

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The open kitchen with wood island and massive shelving unit is organized and beautiful at the same time.

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  • Visualizer: Vix3d
The final space featured is a large home with many unique, stylish elements, starting with one of the more unique coffee tables we’ve seen.

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A long dining table is perfect for entertaining or just spreading out a particularly complex design project.

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