Modern Scandinavian Style Home Design For Young Families: 2 Examples

Modern Scandinavian Style Home Design For Young Families: 2 Examples

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As you will see in this post, the Scandinavian design aesthetic can be an ideal choice for a young family. Because this particular style focuses on practicality and function but still leaves plenty of room for the whimsical colors and patterns that are so adorable in kids rooms it works perfectly for a young family. The natural wood that is so common in these styles is also a lovely choice that can be easy to clean and that goes with virtually anything should a family decide to change their overall interior as their child gets older.

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Further, the deep wood paneling and the green wall have a warm, natural feel to them while the white walls and furniture make sure that the space does not take a turn towards “cabin” or “den.”

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The open design uses color to make it easier to flow from one space to the next — living room to dining room to kitchen. It’s perfect for entertaining and for a family that will need to move between spaces often.

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The organized entryway is another great choice for a family because it has a place for shoes, jackets, and keys so that it’s easier to get out the door in the morning.

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The color scheme from the dining chairs carries over into the kitchen with white and green kitchen bar stools while wood wine storage will certainly come in handy for new parents.

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The bedroom closet is hidden behind white folding doors, which is always useful when you don’t quite have time to hang everything up perfectly.

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While natural light flooding into the bedroom can provide a serene wake up call, a toddler does an even better job.

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In another bedroom, gray takes the place of blue. Bedside lamps and unique vases are the trinkets of choice in this bedroom.

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And those lamps would have no place to site without some mid-century-inspired side tables.

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While opaque closet doors are convenient, there is nothing like a sliding glass closet door to inspire organization.

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In the kids room, we see a bit more brightness while still staying within the same color theme.

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Wall decals bring a bit more liveliness into the design.

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  • Visualizer: Viktoria Tsikhotska
In the second home, we can still clearly see the Scandinavian inspiration but there is a bit less in terms of color.

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Instead, the decor in the main living area focuses much more on white, cream, grey, and natural wood.

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On that coffee table, pretty blue vases add a bit of color.

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The chevron stripe wood flooring is both trendy and timeless, harkening back to an earlier era with a modern finish.

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The modern dining chairs use the same color mixing idea as the first house, but with black and white, which feels a bit more forceful.

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Another example of an organized entryway, this home features wall hooks for jackets as well as an umbrella stand and other storage for all the messy things that come with children.

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Again, wood flooring and white paneled walls may attract the sticky fingerprints of children but they are also easy to clean.

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French doors are not Scandinavian per se but they add a classic element to this space.

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Downstairs, a playroom and storage area is an ideal place for kids to hang out and have a bit of privacy when they are older.

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The playroom has a simple study desk as well as a personal climbing wall.

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Bean bag chairs are a fun option for kids of any age and the colors chosen are bright but not loud.

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A unique floor lamp is necessary in a space that needs to double as a homework spot.

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In this simple bedroom, we get a bit of an industrial vibe with the iron bed frame.

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The use of unique planters like this one is another way to bring interest into a room without a lot of extra clutter.

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The sunny white bedroom is not large but the simplicity of the design is relaxing enough.

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The colorful kid’s bed in the children’s room are cute and unique.

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The color in the kids room works very well with the overall white and wood theme throughout the house.

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Deer-inspired chairs are the height of whimsy and also give kids a place to sit and color or play.

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Finally, a window seat is an adorable addition to any kids room since it encourages daydreaming and relaxing.

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