A Beautiful Apartment with Space to Work from Home

A Beautiful Apartment with Space to Work from Home

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More and more jobs are allowing people to work from home. Having the flexibility to work from home has shown to increase worker productivity as well as happiness. While it used to be only a certain type of executive that would deign to have a home office, today its virtually a necessity. In this home, a 250 square meter (2690 square feet) apartment in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from visualizers at Design ATO Studio, the home office works seamlessly with the rest of the modern design while still offering plenty of space for a comfortable day of work. Of course, the rest of the apartment is also beautiful, using clean lines and calming, modern colors throughout.

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With the white palette and large picture windows, the living room feels quite spacious horizontally.

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Tucked in one corner is a creatively designed black reading chair which adds a certain stylistic and modern flair.

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The eye is drawn to the reading chair while from the overhead view we see that the unique coffee table is actually three that fit together.

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The design uses a transition in flooring to separate one space from another, deeming walls unnecessary.

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A few minimalist elements can take the place of many mementos that tend to clutter a living space.

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Looking back into the dining room, we can feel a distinct shift in the design elements, though clean lines still prevail.

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The overhead light fixture certainly acts as a focal point in the stark and modern dining area.

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Artwork can serve an important purpose, especially in a minimalist design, offering a bigger glimpse of the home owner’s personality.

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A bit of color, carefully chosen, it certainly not forbidden in this space.

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Indeed, the right use of color can make a room or even an entryway feel much more inviting as this red chair does, while also providing a comfortable place to put on shoes.

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The contrasting patterns between the floor, walls, and ceiling is a sophisticated way to add interest to an otherwise neutral space.

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The informal eating area takes a cue from the dining room with its decorative lighting and modern chairs.

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Natural light is allowed to flow in from a smaller window by the kitchen’s design.

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Overhead lighting int he white kitchen makes cooking much more pleasant.

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At the bar, kitchen stools offer yet another option for a quick bite or even a bit of homework.

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A marble backsplash and crisp countertops would be a special treat for any home chef.

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Moving into the office area, at first it is difficult to tell this is a work place because it looks so comfortable and inviting.

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Here we can see the full expanse of this beautiful home office, from the bright mustard chairs and green rug to a large executive desk and floor-to-ceiling windows.

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In another space, blackout curtains create a perfect screening area.

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A ring of light surrounding a circular mirror is the ultimate in flattery in this vanity/sink area.

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In the master bedroom, natural light is on display in its full glory.

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A beautiful 4 poster bed with a gauzy canopy makes for a lovely space to relax.

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The room even features another workspace, for smaller projects or a last minute “note to self.”

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The white bathroom with gray marble accents is another relaxing retreat in this home.

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From the soap dispensers to the bidet, each piece is carefully chosen to tell a story of simple luxury.

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A smaller bedroom stays within the same palette with warm browns and reds.

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And finally, the child’s room uses a bit more brightness for the kid’s decor.

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Blue, yellow and red may be a bit much for an adult bedroom, but here they are perfect.

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In plush textures, this room begs to be played in.

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