Dark Moody Bachelor Pad Design: 2 Single Bedroom L-Shaped Examples [Includes Floor Plans]

Dark Moody Bachelor Pad Design: 2 Single Bedroom L-Shaped Examples [Includes Floor Plans]

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Being a young professional in a bachelor time of life calls for a trendy pad. A place to kick back and chill after a fast day of working hard, before the evening of playing hard begins. These two cool bachelor pad interiors have dark and moody decor in common, a color palette of black and gray dominates both. A serious look with a nighttime atmosphere, presenting as a slick office turned nightclub effect. Contributing to the no frills masculine look, industrial style concrete walls can be found throughout the L-shaped apartments. Moments of neon lighting brighten each space and evoke the edgy feel an inner city by night.

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  • Visualizer: Design Rocks
The first of our two dark bachelor apartment designs has a scheme that incorporates warm moments of taupe, like the modern sectional sofa seen here. The hue softens and lightens the overall look of the room.

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A media projector provides a large scale viewing screen without adding any bulk to the wall, in an already limited living space. It can also be retracted out of sight when it’s time to do a little working from home.

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The modern sofa is arranged in an L-shape to divide the lounge area from the kitchen. A low level media unit runs the length of the far wall, perfect for keeping a movie DVD collection or games consoles and controllers tucked away out of view.

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A projected clock fills up the blank concrete wall when the screen is retracted. A concrete planter on the dual level coffee table ties in with the rooms industrial look.

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In the bedroom, a floor lamp stands in place of one bedside table. Further along the headboard wall, a quirky neon sign calls party time. Again, the furniture in this room has been upholstered in a shade of taupe to add a warmer note to the gray concrete surroundings. Smooth wooden flooring brings an additional look of homey comfort to the room.

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The blue neon glow from the typographical lamp is repeated around the edge of the floating bedroom storage. Overhead lighting is kept simple and atmospheric with the implementation of just a few recessed spotlights.

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Two large copper planters hold a screen of greenery to visually section the sleeping space from the small reading area. Split level flooring also works towards defining the two different areas.

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The entryway takes on a locker room look, and offers a glimpse through into the living room via the shutter wall.

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The bathroom stands opposite the entryway, accessed from the homes single hallway that runs between the lounge/kitchen and the bedroom.

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In the washroom a muted stripe of green picks out the storage cabinets. Under-cabinet lighting brightens the vanity area. A walk-in shower stands to the left, the WC is tucked behind a modesty wall to the right.

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Concrete floor slabs run seamlessly with a concrete wall.

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The shower room can be accessed directly via a glass door from the bedroom too, acting as an en suite. Though there’s not much privacy during the morning routine should a guest stay over…

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A small off-shot from the living room provides a cozy nook in which to enjoy a quiet drink away from the cinema screen. A suspended chair provides a place to swing whilst you sip and take in the views of the bustling metropolis beyond.

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An improved flow of space was achieved in the apartment layout by taking down the wall between the original kitchen and living room. The original closed off entryway was opened up at each side to create one adjoining hallway. The bathroom became accessible via two separate doors.

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  • Visualizer: Maxim Nizovkin
The second bachelor pad interior design is a visualization of an apartment in Moscow. This space was designed with socialising in mind, incorporating a bar and a large sofa to make plenty of room for friends. The apartments owner is an avid fan of cinema and TV, so the home contains paintings and decoration that give a nod to an onscreen favourite, the “True Detective”. Starting in the dark decor of the living room, a deep cushioned blue sofa demands attention. The huge seat is complimented by a large, round unique coffee table.

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Behind the lounge, a kitchen bar runs along the back of the blue sofa.

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An area rug defines the lounge space from the kitchen-diner in this open plan apartment.

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Three overlapping hoops provide overhead lighting.

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Whilst this home parades as a party pad, there is also a dedicated work space.

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A large shelving unit holds books and decorative items, like this troupe of wooden mannequins.

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The look becomes a little dreamier in the bedroom with cloudscape artwork.

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Sheer curtains screen the sleep space.

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Contemporary chandeliers add interest over the dining table.

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